Electrical charging vehicles are becoming increasingly present in the industrial and commercial spaces. As green power is being presented as a long-term investment it is becoming the smart choice for employers. We at Shakra Electrical Vehicle Charging Solutions are here to help you after you have made that choice.

The full range of products we have available are suitable for various different electric vehicles such as cars, coaches, trucks, forklifts, and cruisers.


Our full range of products have multiple different models which includes the CCS, CHAdeMO, and GB/T. These models are capable of meeting the various needs of your vehicle requirements, some of which include fast and slow charging, and are capable of providing DC power, AC power, or both an AC and DC integrated charger system.

The flexibility of the models are also enhanced by the different ways the chargers can be stored and installed, with wall-mounted, floor-mounted, portable, mobile, all-in-one, and split chargers available within the range of our products.

Shakra EVS Charging Station Developments

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Shakra EVS proposes a National roll out for Commercial Charging Stations across Municipalities and high traffic commercial locations.

This will benefit long term Leaseholders and Asset owners, which will ensure comfort with the transition and reassurance to drivers of EV cars.

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Smart Energy Management


At Shakra EV, the electric vehicle charging solutions we offer use a smart energy management system. This system is designed to help you, the user, optimize and utilize your electric vehicle charging solution.

It does this by guiding you on how to customize and therefore improve the efficiency and optimization of the power solutions to suit your and your business’ unique needs. This allows you to be assured that no matter the needs of your company or business, the energy management system will make sure that it is optimized for your individual situation.


The Smart Energy Management System is designed for the access, dispatching, and control of solar, wind, and traditional energy methods. It encompasses various parts of a smart energy system design, including battery storage, the monitoring and control of new energy vehicles, and is able to allocate and measure varying power loads.

The management system does this by carefully controlling your devices’ energy distribution management, and providing key information to you and your company. This comprehensive big data and information it collects includes:

EV Charging Statistics

City Electricity Statistics

Historical Curve Query

PV Power Generation Statistics

Power Plant’s Benefit Analysis

Charging & Discharging Energy Storage Statistics


After it is collected, this information is then conveyed to you and your company through a SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) interface, which supports multiple communication protocols and has a standard power dispatch interface.

This interface allows for smart management throughout the full lifecycle of the product which includes the various stages of energy generation, transmission, storage, use management, and analysis. This data then allows for the continued updates and improvement of your system.

Storage Inverters

Some of the core technical products we provide includes storage inverters, of which we have two main variations.


1 The first is a bi-direction storage inverter

The bi-directional storage inverter has a strong power grid adaptability, with a harmonic and three-phase unbalance suppression, and a wide reactive power adjustment range. This intelligent storage inverter has multiple control strategies such as PQ and VF which are suitable to different operating modes.

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2 The second type of inverter we have is a grid solar inverter

This inverter allows for a multi-direction energy flow, with intelligent switching that allows for a smooth transition without fluctuation. The grid solar inverter has a maximum input voltage of 1000V and supports panels of multiple specifications and string design. The power efficiency of this inverter reaches up to 99% MPPT (maximum power point tracker) and has a greater than 99.9% accuracy, which raises the power generation efficiency by over 1%. The grid solar inverter adopts a new T-type three-level topology and the latest TI 4-core DSP.

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DC Fast Chargers


The DC fast chargers we have are available from 7kW to 300kW capability with a wide voltage output range of 250-270V, which makes them compatible with numerous and varied electrical vehicle needs. Our DC fast chargers have multiple different charging connectors, including single, double, and fourfold charging capabilities. These chargers also have an automatic multi-plug distribution, which is one of the optional charging modes available. As with all the chargers we offer, you can be assured that our DC fast charger meets international and national standards.

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Smart Charging Containers


The smart charging containers we offer are available in CCS2 and GB/T versions with an automatic power distribution and a centralized control. Reaching a total capacity of up to 2500kW, the AC and DC hybrid power can supply over 100 charging terminals.

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High-power Liquid Cooled Fast Charger

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The high-power liquid cooled fast charger is composed of a charging host and two charging terminals with liquid-cooled connectors. Each charging interface complies with Australian and European standards, and can independently achieve high-power ultra fast charging. It can be widely used in highway service areas, bus depots, electric vehicle charging stations etc., suitable for electric vehicles of different voltage levels, different brands, and different standards.

Other EV Solutions


We are the exclusive Australian distributor for our manufacturer, SSE-International. For more information about the products we offer, we have various details listed on our Residential Product page, and our Fleet Services Product page.

Some of the other products you may be interested in are the:

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Wireless Charging System

You may also be interested in our Fleet Charging information, which includes details on our portable charger for commercial use, mobile charger for commercial use, electric forklift charger, and low-speed electric vehicle charger.

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Shakra EV is proud to be the exclusive Australian distributor and partner with SSE-International.

Schneider Electric

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