ZEVQC Series Smart Charging Container

The ZEVQC Series Smart Container is ideal for multiple different business needs, including businesses such as departments that need uninterrupted power supply, or those that need to supplement an insufficient or unstable power supply. Businesses such as:


Research Parks


Government Agencies


Confidential Departments


Industrial & Mining Enterprises


Business Centres


The ZEVQ Smart Series Container has power sharing and flexible charging, which means that it is able to distribute and efficiently utilize the system to improve the charging conversion and optimize the rate of charging to suit the business’ needs. This is possible through the centralized control which allows for peak load shifting and reducing strain on the power system.

Megatron Series Intelligent Electric Forklift Charger

The Megatron Series Intelligent Electric Forklift Charger can be used to charge multiple different low-speed electric vehicles; this includes vehicles that utilize smart charging such as:


Lithium Forklifts


Lithium Golf Carts


Sanitation Vehicles


Other Cart or Slow-moving Vehicles


The Megatron Series Intelligent Electric Forklift Charger is perfect for a multi-vehicle charging station as it contains multiple charging connections and inside a singular station can vary its voltage grades and power requirements to fit varied vehicle needs. This is complimented by its simultaneous charging capabilities, and ability to shift charging and its switch time setting.

To emphasise the convenience of the charger it has been designed with mobility and easy installation in mind. This convenience is carefully designed so that it does not sacrifice the power output of the charger with it maintaining an efficiency rating of up to 95%.

Megatron-Li Series Mobile Electric Forklift Charger

Megatron-Li Series Mobile Electric Forklift Charger is designed for higher reliability, higher power density, efficiency, and energy savings. The model emphasizes mobility and its ability to be carried and transported to wherever your charging needs take you. It is available in a mobile design which is portable and can be wall-mounted to save space. Like the Megatron Series Intelligent Electric Forklift Charger the mobile version is suitable to charge:


Electric Forklifts


Electric Golf Carts


Sanitation Vehicles


Other Slow-moving Carts & Low Speed Vehicles


The mobility of this model does not sacrifice its high standards as a charger, with it still being able to operate at an up to 93.6% efficiency rating. This is possible through the model’s intelligent charging design which maximizes charging power and shortens the charging time. It also utilizes a pulse charging design which extends the battery life.

Megatron Series Low-speed EV Charger

The Megatron Series Low-speed EV Charger is designed for the charging of electric vehicles such as forklifts which run off a lithium battery, as well various other slow-moving vehicles such as lithium battery golf cats, sanitation vehicles, and other small carts.


The Megatron Series Low-speed EV Charger has a wheel design for increased mobility to be able to be located anywhere and moved for your convenience. Its smaller size means it has a higher power density, so you can still fulfil your charging needs. It’s able to adapt to a wide range of voltage fluctuations so you can be certain, as with all the chargers we offer, that this electric vehicle charger is safe and reliable.

Blow-type Fast Charger


The Blow-type Fast Charger is designed for the use of urban electric buses to be recharged during operation. It meets this demand by using fast charging which for every 30 minutes of charge equals 5km of running time. It has multiple vehicle charging capabilities, with multiple charging modes.

The Blow-type Fast Charger is designed for remote monitoring and management through the communication interface, and is a system that is composed of a ground charger, charging bow, wifi module, and connector cables. The charger uses a soft-start to maintain and ensure an efficient and safe output, and to lessen the load on the battery and power grid.


This charging system is designed with a technologically advanced novel-down pressure charging system, which enhances its ease of usability. With one push of a button, the charger will be pressed onto and connected to the bus, and the charging will automatically start.


At Shakra EV we are here to make sure that your company’s needs are met and that you can rely on the power of your vehicles that your company relies on. We offer a range of electric charging solutions designed for large charging needs, from lithium battery forklift chargers to fast-charging mobile bus chargers.


Not only are the electric vehicle charging solutions we offer carefully selected for their innovation, safety, and reliability, but we have comprehensive and extensive after-sale support to help you implement and maintain your charging solutions. This includes 24/7 telephone support, on-site servicing, and return and repair if there are any complications.


Our technical support is enhanced by our data-collection and monitoring system which is able to gain the device configuration, monitor maintenance issues, current quality of the machine, and other data when explicitly inquired for the purpose of supporting your systems.


We partner with Durst Engineering to deliver safe installation and commissioning of your new electric charging solutions. To find out more about our support, please visit the support page on this website.

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