At Shakra EV, we are the exclusive Australian distributor for SSE-International. We have a wide range of electric vehicle solutions for your electric vehicle needs.

This includes everything from:


Small AC chargers suitable and designed for residential use;


To large electric and green power containers which can be used as a backup to supply an uninterrupted power experience to various organisations such as government agencies and business centres;


To lithium powered forklifts and work vehicles.

Our designs are optimized to fit both various and specific needs. Whether you are looking for charge for a singular vehicle or for your entire fleet, we have a product that suits you.

Home Products Residential Img


Home Products Residential Img

Our residential charging products are designed for personal electric vehicle charging, whether for yourself or for your customers’ charging needs. We offer chargers that are both AC charging and a combined AC and DC charging capable. For residential needs, you can be assured that our chargers are reliable, flexible, fast, and easy to operate.

To find out more information about our chargers suitable for personal vehicles, visit the “Residential” section of our website.


Commercial & Industrial


We have a range of electric chargers and green powered charging solutions designed to keep your organisation running seamlessly and reliably. Our chargers are suitable for a large range of vehicles such as cars, coaches, trucks, forklifts, and cruisers.

To find out more about the many benefits our products have that would suit your company, check out the “Commercial & Industrial” page of this website.

Products Fleet Services Img V2

Fleet Services

Products Fleet Services Img V2

At Shakra EV we understand that you rely on your vehicles to keep your company running, vehicles that run and rely on electrical charging. We’re here to let you know you can rely on us. Our chargers are able to be varied to an almost customizable extent to suit your individual business as if it was solely and specifically designed for your unique business needs. We have a range of different charging options, from different energy and volt capacities to installed or mobile versions to be able to take to various locations, from chargers suited for slow-moving lithium battery work-vehicles such as forklifts to fleets of urban green powered buses.

To find out more about our fleet services, please visit the “Fleet Services” section of the website.

High Intelligence


Our products utilize a high intelligence software to deliver a high performing and comprehensive HMI (human-machine interface) experience. This high intelligence framework works in both a front-end and back-end capacity. It allows for the collection of several statistically important data selections such as charging statistics, city electricity statistics, historical curve query, and other data that is relevant to the maintenance and repair of your charging systems.

This high intelligence also allows for the collection of the hard data your business might need for customer use and purchase analysis and reporting, or to see the optimization and efficiency rate that your electric vehicles are achieving. The use of this high intelligence system promotes a comprehensive front-end and easily understandable design and user interface to facilitate an understandable and simplified charging experience for you or your customers.


Australian Energy Management System

At Shakra EV we use Australian Energy Management Systems to provide support and service to your charging solutions. Through this system, and our use of Australian Banking Pathways, your data and information remains secure and in the country.

These systems have been tested by Australians, and are uniquely designed for Australians.

Our Mission


At Shakra EV, we pride ourselves in the quality of the products we offer. Above all, we consider ourselves to be efficient, secure, and sustainable.

We work with SSE-International because we value their innovation, and quality assurance procedure. All units also undergo further testing in our Australian assembly plants before being dispatched. We understand the need for energy to not only be sustainable to the planet, but to those who (and the vehicles that) depend on it.

As an Australian company we understand what exactly the needs are to exist and thrive in this vast country.


We understand trying to calculate the distance between the next gas station and your grandmother’s place who still lives in the small country town she was raised in.


Our emphasis on research and development means we have an extensive range of products suitable for individual electrical vehicle charging options to larger multi-charging capable options.


We understand that this is a country that survives on trucks and tractors and long drives on straight stretches of road that extend on and on.


We understand that the support you need for your charging solution is going to be different in Australia than other countries, because we live here too.

We Partner With …

Shakra EV is proud to be the exclusive Australian distributor and partner with SSE-International.

Schneider Electric

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To find out more about our electrical vehicle charging solutions and integrated products, please visit the specific pages on our website. We are always happy to have a chat about what solution we can offer to suit your needs, so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are after any further information.

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