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Our AC chargers are reliable, flexible, fast, and easy to operate. They are available in wall-mounted and floor-mounted designs for the convenience of being able to choose a larger range of locations to store and install your product. They are designed to be used in both public and residential parking lots, and highway servicing areas.


The compact nature of the AC chargers allows them to be flexible and convenient, to be perfectly suited for transport to and installation in locations appropriate for residential uses. To create an even more convenient electrical vehicle solution that can cater to individual needs, the chargers we offer have the ability for customizable charging nodes and various payment methods.


The AC chargers have a 4.3 inch display which is user-friendly and easy to navigate. This display uses higher intelligence to allow the facilitation of specific communication with the management system. It also supports numerous connection methods, which includes 3G, 4G, and Ethernet connections.


The higher intelligence that is optimised by the technology and communication systems the charging solutions we offer has the benefit of promoting higher reliability within those systems. Being an Australian-company, we understand that it is not just the software that is important in the models we offer. The AC chargers have a protection level of up to IP54, which means the systems are designed to support complete and full outdoor workability, and can endure everything the Australian harsh and often unpredictable weather is known for.


We understand that strong security is often at the forefront of concern in this modern day, and we are here to assure that fear with key-switch and swipe card start, and ant-theft holes. The charges we offer also attempt to increase the safety of both staff and the vehicles using the electrical vehicle solutions with anti-shock measures and various other protections.

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EU and AUS Standard Electric Vehicle AC Charger

Our AC chargers are available in wall-mounted and floor-mounted types with output current in 32A and 63A (two connectors). The charger is reliable, flexible, fast and easy to operate, fully tested by authorities, suitable for public and residential parking lots, highway service areas, etc.

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Electric Vehicle AC Quick Charger

EU and AUS Standard

EV Type2 AC chargers are available in wall-mounted and floor mounted types with output current in 32A and 63A (dual guns). The charger is reliable, flexible, fast and easy to operate. It is fully tested by authorities, suitable for public and residential parking lots, highway service areas, etc.

AC Chargers & DC 3-in1 Chargers


Here at Shakra we have a charging solution for every need, including our innovative AC & DC combined chargers.

These models integrate AC 44kW and DC 50kW fast charging for a quick and reliable recharge of electric vehicles. The CCS2 and CHAdeMO models of combined chargers have the versatility needed of being able to charge numerous different electrical vehicle types.

The CCS2 and CHAdeMO are designed to support OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol), and integrate higher intelligence operation through the smart management of back office management systems and are even mobile application compatible. The models are user-friendly and include a multi-language touch-screen HMI (human machine interface) for inclusive usability. As with the AC charging models, they have a high IP rating to be able to operate in the vastly different areas of Australia from the inner-city to the outback roads. All the models we provide are designed with safety in mind and as such have numerous precautionary measures in place.

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Multi-standard Chargers


The multi-standard chargers we offer are available with a free combination of the CCS2 model and CHAdeMO model, the GB/T model and CCS2 model, or the GB/T model and CHAdeMO model.

The multi-standard chargers are defined so because of the range of numerous electrical vehicles they have the capability of providing charge to. In the multi-standard charging models, the system is designed to integrate automatic power distribution for two connectors. This automatic power distribution acts as a way to optimize the charger efficiency. As with many of the other charging solutions we offer these chargers support OCPP and utilize a higher intelligence system with smart management through the back office system or appropriate application. As with all our residential chargers they are designed to a high IP level and as such are capable of being operated outdoors and in various weather conditions.

About Us


About Us

We at Shakra EV Solutions have a range of intelligent electrical vehicle solutions designed for residential uses which includes multiple variations of models that are capable of AC charging, DC charging, and dual-charging capabilities which means the ability to offer both AC and DC charging solutions. These chargers come in various sizes and mobility options for your convenience.

The chargers are created and certified to the utmost of international standards. They are designed to a level of higher intelligence, optimised for higher reliability, and have been tested and continuously updated to achieve higher stability. All our chargers go through our rigorous quality assurance procedures and have been tested to international standards.

The chargers’ use and system management through higher intelligence means a more comprehensive management system and an user-friendly comprehensive interface. The support cloud platform management system offers the ability for big data monitoring.

The higher intelligence model we utilize in the electric vehicle solutions allows communication and monitoring through a mobile application that allows searching for nearby charging systems, navigation, inquiries, and charging reservations.


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Shakra EV is proud to be the exclusive Australian distributor and partner with SSE-International.

Schneider Electric

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