Shakra EV is proud to be the exclusive Australian distributor for SSE-International. This means that not only are you able to get internationally recognised and well-regarded charging solutions, you can also be assured that with our Australian Banking Pathway utilization and Australian Energy Management Systems (EMS) your data remains in Australia.

As a distributor of SSE-International, we have the ability to offer comprehensive and domestic support. You can also be assured that all our charging units are tested in our Australian assembly plants prior to being dispatched to you.

At Shakra EV, we provide a large amount of support for the electrical vehicle charging solutions we offer.

From the beginning of your project we can help you achieve your vision through our unique availability of our multiple support services, which includes:

Project Consulting

Finance Consulting

System Design



We pride ourselves in offering these value-adding services to help your business with our integrated electric vehicle solutions.


Our support doesn’t end once your electrical vehicle charging solution is implemented, as we have numerous systems in place for continuous support.

When you purchase a system with us you can be assured of a quick and comprehensive response and support that extends to operations and maintenance of your system, which can include remote monitoring, technical training and support. You can be assured that our technology will be kept upgraded to always stay relevant and up-to-date with the latest software.


The ongoing support of your electrical vehicle solution is partially provided by our advanced smart cloud platform, a unique and comprehensive platform that acts as both an operation and maintenance manager system and allows us to implement and easily identify problems in any system in the unlikely chance they arise.

The smart cloud platform has the ability to manage over 100,000 units of EV chargers. Utilising the advanced technology it provides, we are able to improve the safety and optimise the efficiency of our electrical vehicle charging solutions.


Integrated Solutions


Due to the unique multi-arms of Shakra EV which concentrates on various green energy solutions, we are in the unique and advanced position of being able to utilize and integrate our solar, storage, and charging solutions to provide a seamless green power system.

These systems are complementary and integrated using a smart microgrid designed to act as a smart multi-energy system that complements and connects our electrical vehicle chargers to our green energy microgrid as power loads. This design has been carefully selected for its many advantages, all of which emphasize our values of efficiency, and the sustainability of power.

The resource integration of our smart micro-grid emphasizes and facilitates an efficient use of energy strategy, cutting down on excess consumption and the gratuitous and harmful by-products of inefficiency.


Our smart micro-grid allows the use of peak load shifting, a process which cuts the electricity costs of the system, while our smart power management allows the storage of peak power generation, which creates and supports our dedication to continuously improving our charging efficiencies to eliminate unnecessary waste.

This ability to store power during the peak generation cycle while also optimizing our ability of peak load shifting allows us to ensure the uninterrupted charging of our electrical vehicle charging solutions.

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At the consumer end, this means that you can trust the reliability of our product – no matter where you are, how far you are travelling, or what cargo you’re carrying, it is our mission to make sure you or your customers can get there safely, efficiently, and stress-free.


To maintain the confidence of the reliability of our integrated system, we have designed back-ups into the system so that the smart microgrid we have been able to create due to our dedication to the different forms of green energy, can be used as a backup emergency power source.



Our passion for green energy does not end at providing you with your electric vehicle charging solutions, we are with you every step of the way in your implementation and shared vision of helping create a greener and more sustainable present, both in the sense of environmental and business. We at Shakra EV believe that these practices are a shared goal, and can be synonymous with each other, instead of the competition they have sometimes been portrayed as in the past.

At Shakra EV the provision of our continued support is as important to us as our physical electrical vehicle charging products.

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We aim to always maintain a relationship with you, to help with the implementation of the systems and working together to maintain optimal performance once it’s up and running. Our passion for our products does not end at the impressive range of charging solutions we offer. Just as green power electrical solutions are a continuous solution, we too are there for the maintenance and continuous improvement of those systems.

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You can be assured that our friendly team of experts remain just as concerned about how to support you as you navigate a seamless usage of our system as we are about finding the right solution for your business in the first place. We take the same pride in our continuous maintenance and operational support that is provided with the same care and level of expertise that has become rightfully expected of us.

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Shakra EV is proud to be the exclusive Australian distributor and partner with SSE-International.

Schneider Electric

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